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Ahimsa means non-violence towards oneself and all living creatures; an attitude of universal benevolence; the spontaneous expression of the highest form of love; the complete absence of violence from mind, body and spirit.

Yogahimsa is my version of traditional yoga practise and all its beautiful philosophy. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras mentions ahimsa as the first step towards spiritual enlightenment, so whilst we move more than the ancient yogis ever did in their mediation practice, perhaps we’re not too far behind in this modern yoga, honouring kindness as one of our virtues on the mat.

Yoga Den
Yoga Den



Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra Meditation, iRest, is the invitation to welcome and inquire sensations, thoughts, emotions, belief and images as they arise.

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Yoga Den

There is a true authenticity within Sarah’s approach in teaching yoga that I have found to be highly engaging and encouraging. Her genuine commitment to the practise is evident through the care and attention brought to each class, which is then carried through in the clear and positive instruction that is both calm and sensitive. You feel instantly at ease in Sarah’s presence making for a safe and welcoming practise suitable for all. 


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Classes are based in and around Buckinghamshire. 


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